Is your skin thirsty?

The skin is one of our body’s water reservoirs, holding approximately 10% of our water for functional hydration. When the skin is well hydrated, it can appear smooth, plump and radiant. When it’s not, it can by itchy, dull, flaky, prone to breakouts and over-sensitive.
Adding hydration on the inside, and direct to the skin, can help your skin look plump. smooth and bouncy, vibrant and glowing.

The brand-new Arbonne Bio-Hydria Collection can be a key tool to help you achieve super-hydrated skin.

The new Bio Hydria Collection has arrived! 

Refreshingly light, hydrating formulas featuring our
proprietary Edulis Cellular Water, Aloe Vera, and key
botanicals flood the skin with nonstop moisture to
prevent dehydrated skin, leaving it feeling replenished
with a dewy finish.

Every day contact with the outside world means our skin has to defend our body from external aggressors. Our skin’s hydration level and
overall healthy look can be impacted by daily external elements such as diet, water intake and stress as well as environmental factors like weather, pollution and sun exposure. Internal factors such as age, hormones and overall health can also take a toll on our skin.
These internal and external factors can cause the skin to lose not only some of its essential hydration reserves, but also our natural support from elements in the body such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, which also decline with age.

Water is vital to life.
It’s a fundamental source for all living organisms, including our skin. It makes up about 60–65% of our total body weight

The Edulis Story

Succulent plants are known to optimise hydration storage to keep themselves plump and healthy looking without impact from most
common environmental factors.
Edulis is a powerful moisture magnet succulent that thrives in rocky areas and shoreline that typically cannot sustain most plant life because of winds, sea spray, drought and poor soil. The plant’s leaves have a super power ability to manage and maintain water within, while also showing unique similarities to our own skin’s structure.

How does Edulis help our skin?

Cells within the edulis leaves absorb water like a sponge when it rains, giving the leaves their plump appearance. Similar to our skin, the plant has a barrier to help protect it from environmental factors and help to block the evaporation of water from the leaves.

The Arbonne Bio-Hydria regime of products has been created for everyone — both men and women — who are looking for products that deliver on the skin’s fundamental need for one thing: hydration. The products are all simple, easy to use and effective in delivering and retaining skin moisture.

The proprietary Edulis Cellular Water enables skin to receive intensive, deep down hydration while pooling critical moisture within. Together with Aloe Vera in the formula, the products flood the skin with water, which is then absorbed like a sponge to trap the moisture in, reducing “dermal evaporation.” The products never feel heavy or dense on the skin!

The new Bio Hydria Collection has arrived! 

Why you should hydrate your skin

1. Your skin looks more plump and supple
For one, having enough water content in our epidermis would not cause our skin to become dehydrated. When our skin is dehydrated, that isn’t a pretty sight. So improving hydration to our skin is actually the key to having plump, supple skin that is bouncy to the touch.

2. Your skin looks less dull and more healthy
Besides a build up of dead skin cells, dull skin is also caused by a lack of hydration. So to combat surface dullness, inject a dose of hydration to your skin. You may find the need for more hydration as you grow older though because like it or not, this dreadful skin condition also seems to become more pronounced as we age.

3. Your skin becomes less oily
Dehydrated skin is a key culprit for causing your skin to become oilier. How? When your skin becomes dehydrated, it sends signal for the glands to defend the skin and produce more oil. When that happens, you’ll find your skin oilier. So improving hydration in this case can cause your skin to become less oily.

4. Your acne is less aggravated
While acne is not exactly caused by oily skin, most acne sufferers can experience a worsening of their problematic condition when their skin gets oilier. But what they may not know is that their oily skin may have been prompted by dehydrated skin to begin with. This is exacerbated by drying products that are used to control their acne breakout. So this group of people can benefit from having more hydration boost to their skin either through an application of topical products or via a change of diet.

5. Your skin is less itchy and irritated
Dehydrated skin can cause itching, irritation and general discomfort to our skin. Try using a harsh body cleanser and then leave your skin alone. I guarantee you’ll experience some sort of itching especially in the night. And for those suffering from eczema or psoriasis, this can be very disconcerting. So improving hydration can prevent itchy and irritated skin, providing relief to those suffering from sensitive skin conditions.

6. Your makeup stays put
Have you been noticing that your foundation turns streaky after a few hours? Or that your foundation turns darker after half a day? All these makeup woes are caused by an excessive sebum production caused by dehydrated skin. Short of refreshing your makeup every few hours, a better approach would be to up your hydration.

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