Essential Oils

We’re all looking for ways to make our lives cleaner, purer, more natural. Essential Oils have recently become part of my daily routine. Obviously I love to use them to enhance my bathing experience.

But they’re not just to add to bath. Here’s a few suggestions on how you can adopt a more natural approach to housework and hygiene as well as balancing your body and mind.



I love peppermint oil for a quick lift. When I need to wake myself up, a few drops rubbed on my temples has me buzzing. I also use it in a diffuser to repel insects. Also to refresh smelly shoes!

Lemon oil is probably my favourite. It is fabulous for lifting the spirits. In fact, it’s almost impossible to be miserable when you can smell lemon!

I add it to my hair conditioner for a gorgeous shine and lifts my spirits. Putting a few drops into the final rinse in the washing machine gives you fresh, zingy laundry. Try adding a few drops to your facial cleanser for deep cleansing whilst leaving the skin feeling fresh and glowing.



Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and can be added to shampoos and body lotions to help with issues such as dandruff, acne, fungal infections and much more. (Always read the instructions carefully!)

Essential oils are a fabulous alternative to synthetic furniture polish and cleaning products.

But, of course, the best way to use them is to make yourself look and feel amazing!