Day 2 – I’d like to teach the world to Ling……

Ling, ling, ling. Ling till you can’t ling any more.

It may not be the most attractive fish, and, as a member of the cod family, best eaten occasionally, but it does taste good.

Ling is not commonly eaten in the UK but is popular in Europe and USA. Some varieties grow pretty enormous and very ugly.

Why am I “linging” today? Because that was the main ingredient in my first Mindful Chef dinner. 

Creamy lemon ling, crispy potatoes and seaweed. It had an item I’d never come across before. Coconut yoghurt.  I now know this is widely available in supermarkets, but as I never go near all those flavoured, sweetened yogurts I didn’t know it exists. (In fact it is totally different in that you use coconut milk so it is dairy free and naturally sweet. Apparently it’s easy to make at home so watch this space!)

Back to the dinner. Totally delish! Big portion (too big in fact), perfectly cooked and enjoyed by me and child number one.

There are potatoes but I allowed myself that treat as the meal was well balanced, dairy and gluten free, low card and high protein.

My breakfast shake was an avocado delight.

  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 1 scoop fibre support
  • half an avocado
  • small chunk banana
  • frozen spinach
  • homemade almond milk

Creamy and very filling.

Afternoon snack was a large portobello mushroom grilled with garlic and served with grilled tomato.

Unfortunately today I had a stonking migraine and was so busy with my month end orders I could hardly think straight but I kept on course. Lots of water and an early night.