Bad dress day!

Ever had a bad dress day?

How often have you dressed in an outfit you’ve happily worn many times before, only to look in the mirror and think, “I hate the way I look in this”, or perhaps, “this just doesn’t feel right today”.

It happens to me all the time. I’ll wear a particular combination a few times and feel fabulous in it, then a couple of weeks later I’ll try it on and think “Yuk, did I actually like myself in this?” Time will pass and it might well come back into favour again.

The mood we are in, the way our bodies feel, the weather, perhaps even the phase of the moon – who knows what causes it –  but there are definitely times when something feels right to wear and other times when it doesn’t.



I’m not talking about appropriateness here. Of course, a particular dress feels right for one occasion and not for another. No, this feeling has nothing to do with the suitability of an outfit, it’s purely that today it just DOES NOT WORK.

Does it matter and should we pay any attention to these aberrations?

I think we should. Feeling good in your clothes is crucial if you want to be confident and out-going.

Wearing clothes that make you feel self-conscious or unattractive immediately put you at a disadvantage. It’s hard to focus on other people when you’re worried about how you look. Your shoulders will droop, you avoid drawing attention to yourself and seek out dark corners. I’ve actually turned back at the door because I felt awful about how I looked. My husband was not amused!

What about those days when every time you catch sight of yourself in a mirror you want the ground to swallow you up. When you’re away from home, no opportunity to change and you just have to hide in corners and hope nobody notices you.

This is one of mine!



Gosh I hate this photo. It was a family wedding in Devon. I had taken the dress with me but as soon as I put it on that morning I knew I’d made a terrible mistake. The linen dress that looked gorgeous on the hanger looked absolutely awful on me.  I convinced myself it wasn’t too bad. I had no other option so told myself it would be fine. The first time I went to the loo and saw my reflection, my day was ruined. I couldn’t relax and just wanted to go home. I was as bad-tempered as I look! The day passed me by and I can hardly remember anything – apart from the dress.

Here’s a happier memory. A photo I love of a day I treasure.



This is my birthday lunch in Italy in 2017. I felt like a million dollars.  I sparkled and we had a wonderful day. It may sound terribly fickle, but my dress played a big part in that.

Feeling good about your presence in the world means you walk tall, you sashay down the street, you smile at people and you welcome others into your world.

In my work as a Style Advisor, I’ve seen women blossom when they find an outfit they feel fabulous in. And that’s the important thing to remember. It’s not how it looks, but how you feel in it.

Ignore him when he says you look “fine”. Listen to your inner voice when you check yourself in the mirror. If you hear “Look at you, you gorgeous creature”, keep it on. If you wince and spend more than two minutes trying to convince yourself it’s OK, take it off.