What Michèle did next

Having left a successful career in the corporate world, Michèle knew she needed to find a new direction. With a Diploma in Coaching from one of the top colleges in Europe, she set up Management Tomorrow and quickly established herself as the “go-to” person for women who were struggling to get promoted.

“I had always supported women who were striving to reach the higher levels of the company and I . Most were being overtaken by men and they couldn’t work out what they needed to do to get noticed. Now I could do something to help them get where they deserved to be.”

“I came to Michele with a belief system that was not based on reality. She was very quickly able to show me and teach me how to change. “

“It was a successful business model and I enjoyed it for a while, but I soon realised I had just swapped one corporate job for another. Only now I wasn’t getting a salary or paid holidays and I was responsible for staff and the success or failure of the company.  I was working longer hours, for less money and was more stressed than ever!”

“Michele’s provided me with much good professional advice and gently steered me in the right direction many times. I’m no longer even faintly surprised she’s usually right! The cherry on the cake is that she’s also an extremely engaging person !”

Michèle subsequently moved with her husband to the south coast, the children having grown up and left home. She tired of the commute to London and was looking for work more locally. And that was when the perfect opportunity presented itself.

“I turned it down at first, but luckily I quickly realised my mistake. Now, at last, I’ve found exactly what I was looking for.”

How Michèle discovered her perfect opportunity