What is life like now?

Despite her lack of experience and expertise at the start, Michèle now has a thriving health and beauty business. No-one is more surprised than her.

“I am so happy and grateful that this opportunity was offered to me, and that I had the good sense to take it. My life has changed in so many ways.” she says.

Today Michèle spends her time demonstrating the products, holding small workshops, and showing others how to do the same. With a growing team around her, she is getting to do all the things she loves.

“The great thing about this business is that I can choose how I want to run it. Some people love doing small parties at people’s houses whereas I prefer to have one or two people come to me. I have a fabulous team of people around me and we work together to offer the very best service we can.”

Although she is passionate about the products – “they are, hands down, the best health and beauty products I have ever come across” – Michèle’s greatest love is coaching and sponsoring people who join the business.

“It’s such an low risk way to start a small business from home, but many people think it’s not for them. Either they are worried they can’t do it, or they have mis-conceptions about the industry which puts them off. I help them understand how it can work for them and how they can fit it into their lives, around their current jobs or responsibilities. Once they make the decision to join me, they have all the support and training they need to be successful.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Michele. She is quite unlike any other person I have ever worked with. She is one of the most talented individuals I have ever come across”

“My days are spent helping people feel better about themselves. Whether they are gaining confidence because they look better and feel better, or because they are developing new skills, there really is no greater job satisfaction.”

You may have noticed there are plenty of photos of Michèle sitting in the sun or partying the night away. That, she says, is one of the best thing about this role. The freedom to work when she wants and play when she wants.

And, if you know Michèle, you’ll know she does love to play! Why not find out more for yourself? Contact Michèle for a chat on the phone or to meet up for a coffee.