How Michèle discovered the perfect opportunity

I’ve never been able to take a back seat. I like to be leading the way and I love working with teams. I missed the camaraderie and creativity of working with others. I have an innate passion and talent for coaching and developing people. I like to think of it as leadership and mentoring. Many people call it bossy!!!


In my early fifties, at an age when most people are dreaming of retirement, I was still itching to find the right opportunity. I really had no idea which direction that might take me and I spent a couple of years dipping into potential opportunities but nothing inspired me. I knew I needed something I could feel passionate about. I just didn’t know what it was.

I met the lovely Rebecca Moore at a networking meeting. We hit it off immediately. She told me about her health and beauty business she ran from home. She was so passionate and excited about the benefits of both the products and the business. I tried the skincare products and absolutely loved them.

A few weeks later we met up. I was raving about how fabulous the skincare was. My skin looked and felt so different. She smiled and nodded. And then she asked me if I’d be interested in hearing more about the business.  I laughed. “Me? Sell lipsticks and face cream? I don’t think so!”

When I look back I realise I was rather taken aback that she would think that  a successful businesswoman like me would consider such a lowly occupation. Luckily for me, she carried on smiling and persuaded me to come along “just for a laugh”.

The meeting I attended gave me a good wake up call. Here were women and men, some running a full-time business earning oodles of money and others just a few hours each month to earn a bit extra, doing a job they obviously adored. I found doctors, lawyers, students, stay-at-home mums, a train driver, retirees – all ages and backgrounds.  They were completely free agents, working the hours they wanted, with the people they wanted, doing something they loved. I was seriously impressed. You can read their stories here.

What I found even more inspiring was that they all saw their business as a way to make the world a better place. The focus on helping others succeed, reaching out to those in need, and giving back to the community was completely unexpected at a business meeting , I even met people who ran their business alongside their day job and gave all their extra income to charity!

I learned more about the company philosophy and values, which ticked all the boxes for me. I already loved the products so I decided to put aside my preconceptions and give it a try.

Only one problem. I knew exactly zilch about running a health and beauty company. I had moved to a new town so didn’t know too many people. How on earth could I expect to be taken seriously? Could I ever be successful? Luckily it was a very low cost startup and I was assured I would be fully supported and trained. All I needed was to be “coachable” and just watch and learn.

Within days my online shop was open, I was getting top-class training, and I had my first clients. I’ll be totally honest and admit that I spent about six months dithering on the sidelines. It was when I went along to the annual conference later that year that I finally “got it”. I dived right in and now, two years later, I’m totally loving it.

Find out more about the business opportunity here

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