I must be the most unlikely person to be running a nutrition and health business. Somehow life, events, people and serendipity bought me here. It’s where I should always have been. Unfortunately it took me many years to realise that.

A successful career in the corporate world brought it’s rewards but also long hours, conference calls at midnight, and constant jetlag. After twenty years of high-octane living, I was hardly a poster-girl for a healthy lifestyle.

I loved my work and enjoyed the buzz of living the high-life but I was always tired. I knew I needed to get back to a simpler, quieter, healthier lifestyle. When you live with stress day in, day out, you don’t recognise the impact it is having on you health and wellbeing.

Stepping off the corporate ladder was the best decision I ever made. A few years later, with a stack of qualifications and experience under my belt, my life as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach allows me to offer personalised advice and guidance to help people achieve their goals. And, most crucially, to support them as they do it.