7 Day Body Cleanse

The world today is a dangerous place. Not because of what we see on the news every night, No. It’s what’s happening inside us we should be worried about. That’s much more likely to do us in!

The “toxic load” on our bodies is greater today than ever before. And our poor digestive system is overloaded and often unable to deal with everything we throw at it.

We now know that many of the conditions which are so prevalent today – IBS, eczema, constipation, chronic fatigue, and much worse – are caused by the body acting against itself and there is lots of evidence that our diet and lifestyle is a major contributory factor.

But we are not helpless victims, there’s plenty we can do to reduce our risks. 



What can we do?

The good news is that we do have control over how many toxins we accumulate.

Firstly we can reduce our toxic intake by recognising and eliminating as many as possible. Eating food that actually looks and tastes like it did in the field rather than how it comes out of the factory is a good start. Choosing organic will reduce the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and everything else they pump into animals and spray onto crops. Avoiding GMO….whoops, I’m getting on my soap box! Back to the subject in hand.

Secondly by optimizing the health and function of the elimination organs (skin, kidneys, colon and liver), we can help filter out the toxins more effectively.

The Arbonne 7 Day Body Cleanse  does just that.

What is this Body Cleanse?

The cleanse is a nutrition supplement offered as part of the 30 Days to Healthy Living programme or as a stand-alone product.

It’s a delicious drink you sip throughout the day and the unique formula assists your digestive system to detoxify the body.

The key ingredients are: magnesium, ginger, aloe, glutamine, and choline:

  • Magnesium is a key mineral required for digestive support
  • Ginger supports normal digestion
  • Aloe soothes the digestive tract
  • Glutamine helps support gastrointestinal health
  • Choline helps support liver function

It also contains fibre to help bind toxins for elimination.

We recommend Body Cleanse as part of our 30 Days to Healthy Living programme, but it is also effective taken as stand-alone product or combined with Fibre Support and Digestion Plus for the synergistic effect.

You can find out more about our nutrition products here.

How do I know if I need it?

Here’s a great analogy. Imagine your body like a bath.

Toxins pour into the body and our amazing digestive system filters them all out and we poop them away. Just like a bath fills and the water drains away. However if the taps are on full i.e. we are overloading our body with toxins, and the plughole is only small i.e. our digestive system is sluggish and clogged up,  the bath fills up too quickly and, whoops, there’s water all over the floor – or you are bloated, constipated, suffering indigestion, putting on weight.

So reducing the amount of toxins is essential, but giving the system a boost is a pretty good idea too! And that’s what the 7-day Body Cleanse is all about.

What can I expect?

The cleanse is designed to help your body be more efficient. But it can only do so much. Reducing the toxic input is up to you. If you increase your fibre intake and reduce the processed foods you eat, cut down on known allergens like gluten and dairy, and cut out the major contributors such as  alcohol and coffee, your body will thank you for it.

Fibre-rich foods are high in insoluble fibre, the portion of plant foods that cannot be digested by the body. Insoluble fibre absorbs water, thereby helping the passage of other foods and waste products through the gut.

Most people notice an increase in the number of bowel movements, More pooping is good! If you suffer bloating or digestive issue, you may see some changes here. Whatever happens you can know that your gut is in a better state.

The cleanse is gentle enough for everyday use. I like to use it for 2 weeks every 2-3 months. This helps me know that my insides are healthy and happy.

You can buy the 7 Day Body Cleanse online here.

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