Day 4 – cauliflower rice

I’m feeling a lot better after the awful migraines of the past few days, and my energy levels are definitely up. I can’t quite believe I’ve got this far without really missing the dairy or bread which is such a big part of my normal diet. I’ve  had no tea or coffee and have upped my water intake. My morning protein shakes are keeping me satisfied until mid-afternoon. A small snack is enough to keep me going until dinner at around 7.30pm  

Our second Mindful Chef meal today and have to say it was absolutely fabulous. A West African chicken stew with coriander and peanuts. This came with cauliflower rice.  I’d never tried this before and, although it’s not as tasty as a bowl of fluffy basmati, it was totally edible and much lighter. The portions were huge and to be honest we were both absolutely stuffed. If we had it again I definitely would make 3 meals from it.

Anyway it seems that this this meal delivery system seems to be working for us. I haven’t been to the supermarket at all this week, just picked up a few bits that we needed at the local shops so I’ve definitely not spent as much money as usual. And I haven’t a fridge full of food just waiting to be used up.