Why do I need a Style Consultant?

More and more women are using a Stylist or Style Consultant to help them good choices when buying and wearing clothes.   It used to seem like an luxury indulgence for rich women who have more money than sense, but slowly the world has realised that it’s a canny investment for any women.  Clothes are one of the major purchases we make on an ongoing basis. Most women will spend much more on clothes over a ten year period than on cars or their home. And,  for many,  80% of those clothes will never get worn more than once or twice.  So how can you make better choices.

Yes, it’s true. The vast majority of women wear only 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe! As fashion has become “consumable”, and supermarkets and low-cost chains churn out poor-quality clothes at very low prices we have become “bulk buyers” of clothes.  Where our grandmothers would have saved for a new dress and chosen it with the help of an experienced assistant whom she had trusted for years, we think nothing of picking up a basket of separates as we do the weekly shop.  And why? Not because we need them. Because they’re cheap. And then we get them home, add them to the already full drawers and forget about them.

overstuffed closet

Now, that seems like a pretty poor state of affairs to me.

A Style Consultant will help you re-think how you choose your clothes, with an emphasis on finding outfits rather than individual items, great value rather than cheap, style and comfort rather than high-fashion, and the look that makes you feel fabulous. We want you to open your wardrobe and be delighted.

A Style Consultation is not a luxurious indulgence. I think this stuff should be taught in schools – to boys as well as girls. In France and Italy style is considered an important skill and children are taught how to dress by their parents. In the UK we have a more laid-back approach to dressing and we rarely take the time to learn the basics.  We browse for bargains rather than shop for specific items. We pick a piece because we like it rather than because we need it to fill a gap in our wardrobe. We frantically shop for something to wear for a special occasion rather than pick out a treasured item from our wardrobe. So we end up with closets stuffed to overflowing with clothes which are, at best, just OK.

And you are now thinking, “but I can’t afford to spend money on a Style Consultant”.  I want you to consider how much money you have wasted over the past year buying clothes you either don’t wear or don’t feel great in. Would you have made better choices if you had spent a two or three hundred pounds finding out what really suits you? Ask anyone who has visited a (good) stylist or colour consultant in the past and they will tell you it changed the way they shop forever. You will save time and money when you learn the important factors to consider when buying clothes.

Michele Duke styling-100

How much better would life be if your wardrobe was just half full with clothes that delight you and help you look fabulous every day?




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