What women really wear at Christmas!

You’ve stuffed the turkey, peeled the potatoes, wrapped the presents, and the table is looking stunningly festive….But what about you? What on earth do you wear on Christmas Day? And Christmas Eve?  The shops are full of party dresses but most of us will spend Christmas cooking and eating at home, not partying the night away.  Here’s some practical advice on how to look gorgeous throughout the festive season….

Weddings, funerals, birthdays – everyone knows what to wear for most special occasions but Christmas is the one day of the year that is really tricky, especially for women. You spend most of the day slaving over the stove, clearing up after the guests, playing games with the grandchildren and generally keeping everyone happy. It’s easy to forget about yourself, but the pressure is on to look fabulous too.

Take a tip from me and prepare your outfits for the entire period a week before Christmas. Put everything you need together in the wardrobe so you have no decisions to make when the corks are popping!

Christmas Eve is a great opportunity to reflect the festive season. Red, green, and gold are the seasonal colours.  Visits to relatives or drinks with friends offer an opportunity to dress up – try an elegant black dress with a gorgeous silk scarf or velvet cord trousers and a tunic top.  Pearls, diamonds – this is the time to “bling it up”.  If you’re spending the evening in the pub you can glam up your normal outfit with a bit of sparkle. Avoid all-over “glitzy” tops and just add a cardigan with a sprinkle of sequins or a perhaps a faux fur collar.

Christmas party dress ideas

Christmas Day is more difficult.  Comfort is paramount; it’s not the day for too much glamour but you don’t need to sacrifice style. With some planning you can look fabulous without too much effort.

A late breakfast and opening presents demands either Christmas PJs or comfy trousers and an oversized sweater.  Do your make-up and hair before you start cooking because you are unlikely to have time once the heat is on.  Lay out your “lunch outfit” on the bed.  When the meal is prepared, there is just time to run upstairs and change as the drinks are being poured.  Avoid heavy sweaters – it can get pretty warm eating all that food – and anything tight is obviously a bad idea. This is one day when elasticated waistbands are actually in fashion – everybody is wearing them!

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The after-lunch stroll is the time for chunky knits and jeans. A grey cardigan is brightened with a red handbag and scarf. Or try a multicolour oversized sweater with jeans and wellies.  Visiting church is the time for a more formal coat with your new gloves and scarf.

When it’s all over, you can cosy up by the fire in the Christmas “Onesie” the kids decided was the perfect gift for you! (It’s the only day you’ll ever hear me say that!)

My best tip? Relax, don’t worry about the bread sauce, take time to enjoy friends and family and enjoy a wonderful Christmas.  Whatever you wear, nothing is more important than a smile.

A very Happy Christmas to you all




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