Wedding Preparations

Whenever big occasions come along, most of us decide to make more effort to look our best. My daughter’s wedding is the biggest occasion in our family since, well, forever and proved the ideal opportunity to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

My husband and I both wanted to look great on the day but we took very different routes to get there. Whilst he focused on the outside appearance, I’ve been more concerned with what’s going on under the clothes. We discovered a fabulous tailoring service to have a suit made to measure for him. They use a machine to scan the body and take hundreds of measurements. The suit is then cut exactly to those dimensions so there are only few alterations to be made. Although he wasn’t at all keen on the idea at first, the minute he put on the suit he was sold. He is not a natural suit-wearer – he’s much more at home in a pair of shorts – but I’m certain he’ll wear this one more often because he feels so good in it. And, as so often happens, once he started, he couldn’t stop. A designer tie cost him more than his last suit did, but he was happy to pay it because he could see and feel the difference.

For me finding the right outfit was critical but actually just a small part. I believe looking fabulous is about glowing with health and vitality. It means being confident enough to forget about yourself and focus on others. I believe people remember this long after they forget what you wear – and they will love you for it. So, as well as searching for the perfect dress, (which I bought in a lovely little boutique in Italy), I decided to deal with an issue which was affecting my confidence. My growing waistline. I don’t think I’m alone in this, am I? As we women get older, it becomes more difficult to keep weight and body shape under control and I was developing a definite “muffin-top”. Many women accept this as an inevitable consequence of getting older and are relaxed about it which is great for them, but it wasn’t right for me. The upcoming wedding gave me the perfect reason to sort it out.

I cut my calories, joined the gym and, quite quickly the weight started to come off but after a few months, it stopped. It’s not unusual and it’s why so many people give up, but I had a clear goal and a deadline so my motivation was high. I refused to consider high street diet aids – full of sugars, milk waste and soy protein. Yuk! I wanted to lose weight but not at that cost. I discovered the right solution for me was a high quality nutrition programme and hit my target weight with two weeks to spare. I am loving my slimmer body. I’ve changed my eating habits and feel more healthy and happy about myself. I know I was a better host on the big day because I didn’t feel self-conscious and could focus on the most important thing – making the day wonderful for the happy couple and their guests.

I know every bride is beautiful but are they really this beautiful? My little girl absolutely shone. And so did the sun – which this summer is a miracle in itself. The hen do showed that she still can’t party as hard as me and my son proved that he scrubs up very well and amazed us all by arranging all the flowers beautifuly. Arranging transport for a hundred people to and from the perfect venue in a gorgeous wilderness was a logistics nightmare, and sorting out a table plan that kept everybody happy was a job for the UN. We loved every minute of it!

In just a few days it was all over – yes it was a long but wonderful wedding.  And now this mother-in-law is back on the healthy eating plan and at the gym.

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