Essential Oils

We’re all looking for ways to make our lives cleaner, purer, more natural. Essential Oils have recently become part of my daily routine. Obviously I love to use them to enhance my bathing experience.

But they’re not just to add to bath. Here’s a few suggestions on how you can adopt a more natural approach to housework and hygiene as well as balancing your body and mind. Continue reading “Essential Oils”

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Holding back the years

January can be a difficult month. By “Blue Monday” most of us are beating ourselves up over broken resolutions. The willpower of New Year’s day disappearing along with the last of the Christmas cake washed down with a few glasses of Baileys whilst bingeing on the box set you got from the kids.  You too?

Let’s be kind to ourselves. Allow January to pass slowly by as we finish the mountain of nuts and eventually get the glitter out of the carpet. Come February we’ll be raring to go. That’s the time to start thinking ahead. The snowdrops are peeking and daffodils are already in the shops. Spring can’t be far away.

This is the last year I’ll see my fifties (yikes!). I’m a grandmother (hooray!). And the knees can be a bit dodgy in the mornings. But I’m not giving in.

When I get on the dance floor I can still show the youngsters a thing or two.

My theme for 2018? “Holding back the years”. Here’s my top tips for keeping old age at bay. Continue reading “Holding back the years”

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