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In today’s world, we women are living long and we’re living it up.  Ageless Style is not about trying to look young, it’s all about discovering your individual Style Personality and keeping your wardrobe contemporary.


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A Style Consultation will give you the skills to dress in way that suits your body shape, your lifestyle and your budget. It will help you regain the confidence to look stylish, get out of your “style rut”, and to shop more effectively and efficiently for the rest of your life.  Whether you prefer a classic look or a more bohemian, laid-back style, keeping it contemporary and appropriate is incredibly important as you get older. You may not want to dress like your daughter, but you don’t need to look like your mother! As a trained and experienced Style Advisor, I can help you look fabulous everyday.

A Style Consultation is a one-to-one meeting between a client i.e. you, and a Consultant – that’s me. It will take around 4.5 hours and takes place at my studio or I can come to you. My studio is a beautiful room with large windows and mirrors, sofas and easy chairs. It begins with coffee and biscuits and a chat about what you want to achieve. My aim is to put you at ease and ensure you are comfortable. Our session is all about you and making sure you achieve the results you want so I can tailor the session to your needs.

You will learn how to create a look which acknowledges your age but brings a more youthful, contemporary aspect to your wardrobe. You won’t be ‘styled’, you’ll discover how to adapt current fashion to a style in which you feel comfortable.  You can re-invent yourself or just make a few subtle changes, the choice is yours. We will identify your body shape, proportions and colour preferences. You do not need to “strip off” and I always respect your boundaries. I use my own fashion collection to show you different ways to achieve the looks that work for you. You can experiment with lots of outfits and accessories. You can also bring your own pieces which we can style.

We will also create a shopping “strategy” which will save you time and money from day 1. We will consider high street stores, designer boutiques and online sites so you have a wide range of options. We will create a list of accessories you can use to create different looks. You can purchase pieces from my fashion collection at a special discount.

The price of a Style Consultation is £190. Just a few hours and the price of a decent pair of shoes will give you skills and knowledge that will change the way you shop and dress for ever.  Call me now to find out more or to book your session.







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