Old – it’s better than dead!

Few of us like getting older, but it’s better than the alternative!

Statistics show that most of us who survive to sixty will live till we’re ninety. Unfortunately our skin is designed to last only for about forty years. So how can we keep it looking great for another fifty?

A daily skincare routine is a must. If you’re still using the same products at sixty that you were at forty, you’re missing a trick. Nothing can get rid of a wrinkle once it’s there, but great products can reduce the appearance of lines and help prevent new ones forming.  The most effective is Retinol, a naturally occurring vitamin which can penetrate the skin and stimulate new cell formation.  This means you get new, younger skin coming to the surface of your face and neck.  Clever, eh?  Choose carefully as these products can be expensive and some are more effective than others.  And be patient. It can take six months to see the results.

Exfoliate, moisturise and cleanse.  These three little words should be your mantra – and not just for the ladies!  Every day. Morning and night.  No excuses. Your skin will love you for it and you’ll really notice the difference. Remember your skin is fed from within so diet and exercise will make an enormous difference.  A brisk walk every day will soon have you glowing with health and vitality.

When it comes to make-up for older skins, less is definitely more.  Replace your old foundation with light CC creams which not only smooth the complexion but feed your skin at the same time. Unless your skin is oily, which is unusual at this age, chuck away your powder. Allow a little glow to shine through. Avoid heavy lines around the eyes, a bit of smudged kohl pencil is much softer than eye-liner.

Heavy lipsticks will “bleed” into any fine lines. I recommend using a lip-pencil all over the lips then applying either a very moisturising lipstick or just a slick of gloss.  Always go for the shine. Matte lipsticks are very ageing, as are dark colours.  Pink, coral or bright poppy red are perfect for the more mature face.  A touch of mascara can make a big difference as lashes become paler and thinner, and add colour to faded brows with a little eyeshadow applied with a narrow brush.

Most of all remember to smile. No make-up will ever improve a face as much as a smile can.

Michele x

I am Michele Duke, an independent style and beauty consultant based in St Leonards. I hold regular FREE demonstrations, workshops and tutorials. Call me for dates and more details on 07801 621310. See my website at www.micheleduke.co.uk.

This article was first published in Golden Times March 2016


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