Lose 10lbs in a morning

Are you on a diet? Who isn’t? Whether it’s a major “go down 4 dress sizes” diet or simply being careful what you eat and drink to maintain your weight, most women are working hard to look better. But have you considered how your clothes contribute toward achieving your goal?

So many of us throw on any old t-shirt and trousers and then look in the mirror and are disappointed with what we see. And what happens then? Yes, we head towards the toaster or the biscuit tin, or, worse still, the bottle of wine. How different would that be if, when you looked in the mirror, you saw a woman who looked elegant and well-dressed. Confident. In control. You are much more likely to step out of the house for a brisk walk, ring a friend to arrange a shopping trip or plan your next holiday.

Wearing the right clothes can shave pounds off you. Just understanding your body shape (which does not change, no matter what your size) can help you make better style choices. Stop hiding yourself in baggy, oversized clothes and wear well-fitting, more structured pieces and you will immediately look slimmer.

Lots of women promise themselves the “treat” of having a makeover when they reach their weight goal. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Life, as always, gets in the way. For most of us, particularly as we reach middle-age, maintaining our bodies is an on-going, full-time affair. We almost never reach a point where we think, “I’m there. I can relax now and live my life normally”. My main mission is to help women feel more comfortable with the body they have right now. Dress yourself well now and your confidence will improve. Wear clothes that work for your body shape and you will look slimmer and more elegant. People will notice and you’ll be more motivated and much more likely to keep moving towards your goal.

Buying one outfit you feel great in NOW is a brilliant investment. When the time comes where it no longer fits you because you have lost more weight, you can happily pass it along to a friend who is just a little bit behind you!

I can show you how to lose 10lbs in a morning. And we’ll do it over coffee and cake!

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  1. I would be int in talking to u about losing 10lb by wearing the right clothes

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