Lip Service

Here’s a question for you. How many lipsticks do you have in your house? A few in your make-up purse, a few scattered in different drawers, some in the bathroom cabinet, a couple on the bedroom shelf. Then you might have a few more in the drawer of your desk for emergencies. And how many do you actually wear?

A little while ago I was astounded to count 38 lipsticks in my possession. The vast majority were almost complete, meaning I had hardly used them. At an average price of about a tenner, that totals around £400 in just lipsticks. And to make it even worse, about two years ago when I moved house I threw out drawers-full of old cosmetics, so these are just the ones that survived or have been added since.

I am always buying new lipsticks, liners and glosses and finding that they just don’t suit me. Trying them on the back of my hand in artificial light really doesn’t help. And don’t get me started on the unhygienic chaos that is the M.A.C. counter. I’ve seen so many people making themselves up direct from the lipsticks and glosses and putting them back on the counter for the next person to use. YUK!
So most of my purchases are a leap of faith and, in the cold light of day, I end up looking like either a vampire or a ghost. I wipe off the colour with a sigh and toss the lovely looking package into a drawer and forget about it – another ten or twenty pounds down the drain.
But today that’s all changed. I now have the opportunity to try out the lipsticks before I buy, and I am actively encouraged to send it back if I am not gleefully happy with it. Even better, there are tools to help me match up my liner, lip colour and gloss for a totally gorgeous finish.
Try out the matching game for yourself here.

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