How I became a network marketer

People have asked me how I got into network marketing. The answer is – I was born! I’ve been a network marketer all my life. If I love something, everybody knows about it!

I tell my friends, I put links on facebook and twitter, I write reviews, I mention it in blogs – why? Because I want everyone to have the same great experience I had and to benefit from what I have discovered. And I look for the same. I rarely go anywhere without checking it out first.  I ask friends and I listen to what they say. It’s a way of life now.  It’s what I call “Relationship Marketing”. I’m marketing to people with whom I have a relationship.

But the companies who benefit from me shouting about how great they are never pay me for my recommendations, or send me a thank you note, or offer to take me on holiday with them, or give me a brand new car.

So when I started using a skincare range which totally blew me away, I told all my friends about it. And guess what? I did get a nice little thank you. And when my friend told her friend, she got one too. As my network of people going “wow, this is amazing” grew, the company rewarded me by giving me commission on the sales which were generated purely on my recommendation, and special offers so I could get my products at a discount price.  And that’s how I turned my natural instinct to share my good news into a business.

Network marketing is a fabulous business model. You find something you love (and that is critical – you can’t be passionate about something you don’t love, and you can’t be successful unless you’re passionate!), you tell others who tell others who tell others and, before you know it, you’re earning a nice little commission cheque each month. Or maybe a very big one. That’s up to you.


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