Golden Times – March 2017

I had such a great reaction to my last article. So many women contacted me and came to see me. Many of them said, “I’ve been reading your column for ages but I was always too shy and afraid to contact you before. I’m so glad I plucked up the courage this time.” I think it was the promise of the magic new skincare device that did it! Thank you to all of you who did overcome that fear – it’s been great fun getting to know you and I’m delighted to be meeting many of you at my various events. Those who have been trialling or have purchased the Arbonne Genius Ultra are already seeing amazing results and realise it was worth making that leap of faith.

So let’s talk about courage. Yes, I know this is a fashion and beauty page, but I believe overcoming our fears and inhibitions is key to making decisions about how we present ourselves to the world. It’s so easy to “play it safe” and do what you’ve always done. The same hair colour and style. Always a trouser and top outfit. A favourite cardigan is always the first choice. Perhaps you’re still wearing the same makeup you did in your twenties. Or you tell yourself that using the same old skin care is fine, despite the fact that it’s doing nothing for your wrinkles.

Making changes is hard. Our brains don’t like it so we shy away and retreat back to the familiar. But change is what keeps us youthful and vibrant. Change stimulates our senses and invigorates our minds. With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to consider what you could do differently. How about a lovely new coat? Something that makes you feel glamourous and sprightly every time you step out of the house. Maybe it’s time to update your accessories. A new necklace or earrings or a watch for the men. How about a new hair style – try going to a different stylist and ask their advice. And, of course, a makeover to show you how to use the latest natural make-up to look fabulous every day. Nothing rings the changes like a bright new lipstick.

Research shows that changing our habits and stepping out of our “comfort zone” causes changes in the brain. Our brains are able to actually “rewire” and start building new connections which is why, when we start something new it feels very uncomfortable but after a few times it gets easier until eventually it becomes a habit. That old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” may be true for dogs but it certainly isn’t true for people. Which is why the lovely ladies who overcame their inhibitions and came along to my events for over 50’s are finding they can wear different colours and styles and that the new anti-ageing skin treatments do work for them. Why not make up your mind to take a small step to changing your old habits? Let me show you how.

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