Dress yourself slimmer!

As I get older, I notice how difficult it is to keep off the pounds, and I know I’m not alone. There are good biological reasons why women tend to “spread” a little as we get older and science proves it is generally a positive thing for our health.  Most of us won’t spend every day in the gym or give up the wine, so we need to find other ways to deal with the extra inches.
Far too many of us worry too much about how much we weigh rather than focusing on how we look. Not so, the fabulous Joan Holloway in Mad Men. She used every inch of her body – and there were quite a few – to great effect. I really believe (and have seen plenty of evidence) that if you dress well and understand how to make the best of your body, you can look slimmer, sexier, more youthful and more attractive. Here are my top 10 tips to help you look fabulous.


1. Rediscover your body

Look in the mirror and get to know your body shape. Notice the positives and accept the negatives. It’s the only body you have. Learn to love and accept it as it is today. Stop waiting for a miracle!

2 .Dress for your Body Shape


THE most important step. When you know your body shape you will start wearing clothes that make you look slimmer, younger and more stylish. Get expert help if you need to help you work this out. Check out some of the great websites which help you figure it out for yourself. I like

3. Discover your Style Personality

You are your “brand” so make sure people see the real you. Are you a “classic” or a “bohemian”?  Think about what you want people to notice about you.  Let your clothes tell your story.

4. Be more adventurous.

Become more confident and deal with barriers which might stop you taking a few risks. Again, you might need some help here. Ask a friend to give you an honest appraisal.  Look at celebrities of your age and see what they are wearing.

5. Weed your Wardrobe

Less really is more! Having a closet half full of the right clothes is so much better than one full of the wrong ones!  Most of us wear only 20% of what’s in our wardrobe. Another 20% is “special”, which leaves around 60% which is just “clobber”. Make his month you “de-clobber”!

6. Shop with Purpose

Know what gaps you have and shop to fill them. Find the perfect blouse for that skirt, or the jacket which is going to work with all your trousers. Create seasonal basics then add accessories. Avoid shopping in the sales or just drifting around clothes shops picking up anything which catches your eye or seems to be a bargain.

7. Wear Big Knickers

red dress

Every single garment will look better if you have “structured” underwear. You cannot get this kind of silhouette wearing little panties. No celebrity would go out in public without plenty of upholstery! (and nor would I).

8. Accessorise like Crazy!

The cheapest and easiest way to update and revamp your wardrobe.  Invest in classics or buy cheap and replace every season.  I would happily spend more on a scarf than an evening dress; I’ll wear the dress 10 times and the scarf a hundred times!

9. Use a Personal Shopper

They will tell you things your best friend won’t! Make sure you are getting good advice, not just what they want to sell this week.

10. Dress with Delight

One of the joys of being a woman is permission to express ourselves through our clothes.  Do whatever is necessary to let you enjoy shopping and dressing. Then SMILE, you really are beautiful.


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