Because we’re worth it

One question I ask women who come to my skincare and makeup workshop is what products they are currently using.  And then I ask them “and what difference is it making to you?” Most look slightly baffled as if I had asked a trick question. The overwhelming response is that they either had never considered this or they talk about the way it makes their skin feel. Almost nobody mentions that it has made a significant, visible difference. Yet they buy it again and again. And the main reason is “it suits my skin”. Let’s just consider that for a minute. “It suits my skin”. What that means is “it doesn’t upset my skin”.  Women tell me much more about the products that caused an adverse reaction than those that had a positive impact.  The conclusion I draw from this is that our expectations are so low we don’t look for products that deliver a genuine result, we accept any that feel ok on our skin.

For too long the cosmetics industry have got away with offering us poor quality products, packed full of toxic ingredients, mineral oils, parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances and other junk. We know that the huge cosmetics companies – L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, P&G, Unilever, etc – spend way more on advertising and celebrity endorsements than they do on the skin cream they sell. Some studies suggest the packaging is more expensive to produce than the actual product inside!

It’s time we started raising our expectations. If we really are “worth it” these companies should be producing better quality products that do more than just feel nice on the skin – they need to actually do something.

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