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Nice to meet you. Let me tell you a little bit about me.  As a short (5ft), pear-shaped woman, I learned very early that, if I wanted to be noticed, I had to stand up, and stand out. I realised that the way I looked had a significant impact on what people thought about me and how they treated me.

meet me

I have always noticed the difference clothes made. When I felt I looked good, my confidence soared, I was able to relax and attract people towards me. When I didn’t feel good about how I looked, I would skulk in corners, trying not be noticed.  Having worked with many women in senior positions who appear super confident but have similar experiences I realised how our clothes and confidence are connected.  For most women, image is incredibly important (whether we like it or not!) and the presence we bring to a room is often dependent on how good we feel about the way we look.

My background as a senior woman in business, together with my training as a Developmental Coach and Style Advisor, allows me to offer a unique service. I spent many years in the corporate world working for large companies building big computer systems. This involved lots of power-dressing and travelling, constantly meeting new people and having to be taken seriously in a very male-dominated industry. I learnt so much and had lots of fun, but it was exhausting and I now love the flexibility of running my own business.  Blending my love of style and my understanding of how people change habits and perceptions, I help women find the confidence and skills to look great everyday.  That all sounds impressive, doesn’t it. The reality is I’m good at what I do because I’m passionate about helping women feel great about themselves. The media spend all their time making women feel bad about their bodies and I want to make you feel proud of yours.

What can I tell you about me? I’m married, with two children who are now grown and gone, and I live with my husband in St Leonards-On-Sea, a lovely seaside town in East Sussex.  I enjoy food and wine (too much!), travelling, spending time at our little house in Italy, watching great drama on TV or in the theatre, and technology – bit of a tech geek! 

What do customers think?  The women who shop regularly will tell you more than I ever can. See Customer Testimonials here.

So now you know everything. Now it’s time to talk. Contact Me here

Why not come and meet me in person.  Just call or email to organise an informal chat. 


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